Blade Baits Manyfik

BLADE BAIT — a lure which came to us from the USA and remained in the boxes of our fishermen.

Here are some advantages of this lure: aggressive action – with the possibility to adjust the amplitude of vibrations, range volume – beyond the reach of other lures of the same weight, cast range and accuracy – the lure practically does not pose any resistance to the air, which makes it always fly and drop where we want it to, even when the wind is strong, universality – the construction of the blade bait allows to use it almost in every fishery, regardless of whether it is a river with a very strong current, or a deep lake.


We fasten the pin to one of three holes located on the topside of the bait. The important thing is the choice of one of them, because depending on the location of the hole, to which we fasten the pin, we either strengthen or weaken the vibrations the blade bait makes while working. Moreover, by faster or slower winding the line, we can regulate the frequency of vibrations of the conducted lure.


Blade Baits Manyfik 3 6 9 15 NEW
LENGTH 37 mm 45 mm 55 mm 55 mm
WEIGHT 3g 6g 9g 15g
HOOK No 10 No 9 No 8 No 8
TYPE sinking sinking sinking sinking
ACTION strong vibrations strong vibrations strong vibrations strong vibrations

Wersje kolorystyczne


CM01 perch

perch fluo

CM02 tiger


CM03 natural


CM04 blue


CM05 White perch

cykady black

CM06 Perch fluo


CM07 red


CM08 fluo pearl

new czarnaa

CM09 black

new czerwona

CM010 monaco

new zlota

CM011 olive

new czarna

CM012 blue tiger


CM015 Violet

cykada zloty

CM016 Gold perch

cykada new

CM017 Magenta

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